What is Minimalism ?

December 24, 2017

What is Minimalism ?

Minimalism is a lifestyle of less items in your life so that you can focus on more valuable aspects of the life itself.

In our developed capitalist countries is easy to obtain stuff. They seems like a good idea at the time but in some point we discover we don’t need those things so we store them in closets for “someday”.

Over time they create clutter in our closets and we need bigger closet. Over time there is not enough space in our home for our big closets full of items so we need a bigger home. Over time we actually rent a self storage container unit just to store all the stuff that we will need “someday”.

Capitalism is good but it’s easy to over-own too much stuff that then makes our life miserable.

It’s like with food. It’s good that we have so many opportunities what to eat and where to eat but it’s too easy to over-eat and become unhealthy. Whoever wanted to loose some weight know that quick diets never work because in few months you end up back where you were. But changing eating habits for long term does work. We willingly accept some moderation in our eating to gain healthier body.

Minimalism is (similar) willing moderation of items in our life so we have better life.

Yes better life with less stuff and less clutter.

Minimalist is not a hermit

Some of you may heard of Colin Wright as an example of minimalist. He is author of the blog http://exilelifestyle.com and well known for owning around 51 items.

He lives in different country for no more than 6 months and by keeping his possessions to a bare minimum helps him to achieve this.

colin 51 things

Someone may have referenced Steve Jobs (former CEO of Apple) as minimalist as he was wearing same outline of cloths for several years. Annoyed that he needs to spend lot of time choosing cloths every morning he decided to limit his option to same choice of cloths for every day.

Steve Jobs cloths

So who is minimalist?

Well truth is that minimalist is any person that willingly limits his/her stuff in any way that he/she is comfortable with.

You own only stuff you find valuables and brings you true joy.

If you need laptop own a laptop. If you want to wear a leather jacket wear a leather jacket. If you want to buy expensive jeans buy them. Just be honest with yourself on whether you will wear them often with joy or only once because they are too tight.

You are not a monk!

The truth is that usually minimalists are the best dressed people around you. They dress well because they buy only the stuff that they really need for day to day use and don’t buy cloths every week just because it’s a new fashion season.

Minimalists are pragmatic. They don’t buy stuff out of impulse. They research before they buy and really think if it is something they need/want in their life.

It’s not a competition on who owns the least amount of stuff ! Minimalism is common label for lifestyle of people who just want to own what they need and get rid things they don’t.

Call it “pragmatism” or “simplificationism”. Labels are just labels. Call it anyway you want (or don’t call it at all) as long as it helps you.